How your community can join the NOPEC family.

Get the savings and benefits enjoyed by over 200 Ohio communities.
Nopec How to Join
Nopec How to Join

NOPEC makes it as easy as possible to become a member community.

We help your mayor or trustees put an issue on the ballot so you and your neighbors can vote on whether you’d like your town to adopt a governmental opt-out natural gas or electric aggregation program.
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What’s a governmental opt-out aggregation program?

It’s a way for your community to join others and use that collective strength to purchase energy as a group. It allows NOPEC to negotiate directly with utility providers on your behalf for lower cost energy and other benefits that you couldn’t get on your own.
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You can choose to vote for aggregation or not.

As a citizen, you are voting on whether or not you want to allow your community to have the option of a governmental opt-out aggregation program. You are not personally voting to join it yet, nor are you choosing NOPEC or another aggregator.

NOPEC works with your home town leaders.

NOPEC and your leaders will host two public meetings where you can ask questions about NOPEC’s energy governmental opt-out aggregation programs. When your town is ready, they can adopt our plan for natural gas or electric governmental opt-out aggregation, and you can start receiving all of the benefits of NOPEC membership.

Why is it called an opt-out program?

After your city adopts our program, you can still choose not to participate in NOPEC’s programs. We’ll send you an opt-out card giving you the option to say “no thanks” to NOPEC and choose a different provider if you want. If you don’t opt out, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our program hassle-free.

The best part: this whole process is completely free for all citizens.

It doesn’t cost you a dime. We work hard at NOPEC to make the process simple to understand and easy to do so you can just sit back, relax and save!

For more information or to join NOPEC,
call 855-NOPEC-01 (855-667-3201) today!