No one does more to lower your utility bills.

Competitive rates are just one way that we help you save.
How NOPEC helps you save money
How NOPEC helps you save money

How NOPEC helps you save money.

As an energy aggregator, we buy electricity and natural gas in bulk, then pass the savings on to you in your gas and electric bills. But we go even farther to protect your energy investment. Unlike our competitors, we also negotiate better terms, advocate for consumer-friendly legislation, and teach you to live more energy efficiently. Best of all, our communities don’t spend a dime for our services.
Our staff offers over 150 years of experience with government, economic development and finance. We work with community leaders from the very beginning, helping them complete the paperwork for a ballot issue, pass resolutions and hold public hearings. We provide all legal documents and file all appropriate paperwork with the PUCO.

Buying in Bulk

NOPEC buys electricity in bulk from NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC, then passes the savings on to our 200+ member communities within 14 Ohio counties. Since 2001, we’ve saved residents and businesses more than $300 million and provided over $16 million in NOPEC community energy efficiency grants.

Negotiating Terms

Too often, energy suppliers will offer gimmick giveaways for short-term savings but no long-term guarantees of continued savings. NOPEC negotiates consumer-friendly terms regarding renewal and price adjustments to ensure you get consistent, worry-free rates and terms all year long, year after year.

Educating Consumers

We offer exclusive online tools at that show you how to save energy room by room throughout your home. We help you understand your energy usage and make better energy choices. We also spend time in NOPEC member communities through our Community Outreach Program, answering residents’ questions and providing information about NOPEC and other energy-related topics.

Advocating for You

We educate state and national legislators about energy aggregation and advocate on your behalf. In fact, we have representatives at hearings and discussions that impact energy regulation and our members’ utility bills.

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